Cord blood as a rich source of stem cells…

It is a forward-thinking decision to have stem cells harvested from the blood in the umbilical cord stored for future use. Stem cells are already revolutionizing medical treatment practices today, although the exact way they work has not yet been conclusively researched. At this time, many forms of leukemia and other blood disorders are being treated with stem cells and in the news we read about an increasing number of success stories that are truly amazing. In modern medicine, stem cells will play an important role.

The younger stem cells are; the more vital and potent they are. As expecting parents you now have the once in a lifetime opportunity to have the adult stem cells of your children isolated from the umbilical cord blood and the cord itself and have them stored. The procedure itself is uncomplicated and free of any risk or any pain for mother or child.

HealthBaby: a safe idea to have the cells of your baby stored. For parents with vision…


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