Reproductive medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with prevention, diagnosis and management of reproductive problems.

A number of diagnostic and therapeutic tools are available to this field. These include medical imaging studies to look for structural defects in the reproductive tract, bloodwork, analysis of eggs and sperm, and genetic testing.  Many differents specialities like for example Reproductive surgery, Reproductive toxicology, Reproductive endocrinology, Obscetrics, Gynecology and Urology, Radiology working together for this aim.

Goals of reproductive medicine include improving or maintaining reproductive health and allowing people to have children at a time of their choosing. This may include using assistive technology to achieve a pregnancy, such as performing in vitro fertilization (IVF) and implanting viable embryos, ISCI or Intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Treatments for infertility can include hormones, surgery to correct birth defects, and a variety of other options. In some cases also options such as using donor eggs or sperm, or pursuing surrogacy to carry a pregnancy to term could be dicsussed.

The technology available in our centers to assist couples with pregnancy is also under constant refinement, making pregnancy possible for more couples in a variety of situations.

Besides classical infertility treatments our centers provide aslo the innovative treatment with stem cells for male and female infertility.

Hand lift

Hand-Lift Application: Rejuvenation and regeneration of aged hands Heavy smokers Treatment duration: approximately. 4 ½ h Advantages: Natural-aesthetic and sustainable A result, which can be seen Also possible: pure stem cell injection without endogenous fat for skin...

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Application: remodelling of wounds Breast reconstruction after cancer Assembly of tissue loss due to burns Treatment duration: approximately 4½ h Advantages: A result, which can be seen Naturally aesthetic Long lasting No general anesthetic required No foreign bodies...

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Neck lift

Rejuvenation and regeneration of the neck (Neck lift) Application: Rejuvenation and regeneration  by aged neck For stressed skin Wrinkles caused by aging Aging due to weather (high solar irradiation, pollution, chemicals etc.) Treatment duration: approximately 4½ h...

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co2 laser resurfacing with Stem cells

co2 laser resurfacing with stem cells Fusing modern, medical technology with own reconstructive skin cells Applications: Acne Blemished Skin Unhealthy skin Scars (atrophic, hypertrophic, burns etc.) Pigment disorder Treatment duration: 3 ½ -4h Advantages: Skin...

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Stem Cell Therapy

General information Improving the quality of life... We would like to point out from the beginning that there are still many questions concerning the functions of stem cells, which science has not yet been able to answer. Despite the huge  advances, which have been...

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Healing potential- stem cell technology

Starting small... No matter how big a human becomes, it all began with 2 single cells: an ovum and a sperm cell. This means that cells exist, which have the potential to form a complete human being. The first cells to arise from a fertilized ovum are described as...

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adult stem cell- Methods of Use

Your own adult cells from bone marrow: Promising therapy... The use of endogenous adult stem cells from yourself (autologous), in contrast to embryonic cells, is ethical, and legally straightforward. At A1 Medical Center, the entire process of collection,...

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Physiological mechanism of Adult Stem Cells

How do my cells work? It is not yet absolutely clear how bone marrow stem cells participate in healing processes. For a long time, it was assumed that stem cells simply replace the damaged cells. This seems to be the case to some extent, but in recent years, research...

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Limits of stem cell therapy

Do you guarantee my success? Some patients see a marked improvement after treatment with adult stem cells, but the same treatment will have no effect on others. Thus, there is a need for further research: What is the mechanism that causes the stem cells to work? How...

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No Tumor risk

May Adult stem cells increase tumor risk? One question that is regularly asked in connection with stem cell therapy is whether stem cells increase the risk of cancer. This is a justified concern if a therapy involves embryonic stem cells because these cells actually...

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